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Art Gallery Pictura

Gallery for contemporary realism

Romee Kanis

Romee Kanis (Jutphaas, 1953), works in a realistic-impressionist style, examining the human body in all its manifestations. Her modeling method is powerful. It is significant in that respect spectators, who see her images for the first time, sometimes think that the name "Romee", possibly exotic, but at least must be masculine.

Yet it is indeed female fingers that were in clay or in a light leave an impressionistic touch. Incidentally, a key that invites you to touch.
As a human nude in all its fragility, in vulnerability, in intimacy, but also as powerful and bold. Or as a human artist, such as the dancers and dancers, or as figures from times long past, from myths and fantasies. In her bronze, from small to life size, there is always the feminine approach. 
Such as the soft details, the romantic shapes, the elegant body parts; even in the man figures and animals that Romee makes. Her starting point is a perfect balance. 
She is sometimes asked what is your best image. And then said said: my last!
And every time there is one last. I think… .. every image is the most beautiful and I am never satisfied.
I strive to capture and maintain movement, which for me is life. Everything I perceive happens in motion.
August Rodin once said…. movement is the soul of all things and expresses life that warms them. So I'm going to get busy because there is still so much to do.