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Art Gallery Pictura

Gallery for contemporary realism

Robert Munning

Despite the initial desire to go to art school after high school, he chose to study psychology at Tilburg University. Instead of his love for painting dying out over the years, it only got stronger.

After his studies, which he completed in 2004, he traveled a lot. Several times even for longer periods. During these trips he collected material in the form of sketches, photos and stories of the people he met. This material is an inexhaustible source for his paintings. Robert is currently also working part-time as a flex worker in complex care for people with intellectual disabilities. This continues to offer him the opportunity to travel a lot and be inspired by it.

Robert is a self-taught painter. His favorite medium is oil paint. He obtains knowledge from books, by visiting museums, listening to colleagues and in particular by painting a lot.


Time passes. Nothing is permanent. All that is certain is the impermanence of things. As an artist I search for stillness and I try to make the perishable timeless, knowing never to succeed completely. Although painting has many technical aspects, expressing feeling is central. A clear interest in man in all its aspects is clearly evident.