Robert Munning


Time is passing away. Nothing is permanent. The only thing that is certain is the transience of things. As an artist, I seek silence and try to make the ephemeral timeless, knowing that I will never succeed completely. Although painting has many technical aspects, the expression of feeling is central. A clear interest in people in all its aspects is evident.

Robert Munning was born in 1981 in Bergen op Zoom.

Despite the initial desire to go to art school after high school, he opted to study psychology at Tilburg University. Instead of extinguishing his love for painting over the years, it became stronger. His choice for studying psychology and his paintings nevertheless have an important similarity, namely a clearly visible interest in people.

After his studies, which he completed in 2004, he traveled a lot. A few times even for longer periods. During these journeys he collected material in the form of sketches, photos and stories of the people he met. This material is an inexhaustible source for his paintings. Robert is currently also working part-time as a flex worker in complex care for people with intellectual disabilities. This continues to offer him the opportunity to travel a lot and be inspired by it.

Robert is an autodidact painter. His favorite medium is oil paint. He obtains knowledge from books, by visiting museums, by listening to peers and in particular by painting a lot.

Overview (group) exhibitions:

In harmony SHE-Art gallery, Nuenen 31-03-2019 to 21-04-2019

On the border Ravenhof Castle, Stabroek (Belgium) 21-07-2018 to 29-07-2018

Portrait in portrait Gallery De Ruimte, Geldrop 16-02-2018 through 08-04-2017

Color strength Gallery De Verdieping, Moergestel 24-06-2017 through 09-07-2017

Art and spirituality Het Kruithuis, ‘s-Hertogenbosch 09-04-2017 through 07-05-2017

Silent admiration Kerkje van Persingen, Persingen 01/04/2017 to 09/04/2017