Meg den Hartog

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Meg has learned to draw from her parents early in her life,
and she has continued to do so throughout her life, followed later by painting. She has practiced many different professions in her life: from project manager in the IT sector to classical homeopath and PNI therapist (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology). She has also followed courses in Psychology of Jung and Astrology and used all the knowledge and experience gained in her professions. Eventually she was able to make painting her profession.

“I always look for tranquility. The world in which we live is so hurried and hurried and so much is happening around us. If you can relax and relax, you suddenly see the details and the beauty of life around you. I like to look at details and paint and I want to share the beauty of it with others, so that they too can experience a moment of peace.
I like to paint simple subjects: a dress, an old handkerchief, a butterfly. My colors are soft and muted, except for the butterflies; they have bright colors, as they occur in nature.
I love to paint (preferably old) fabrics: lace, silk, tulle and old handkerchiefs, where I wonder where they have all been … who wore the dress, what are the hidden secrets …. what did the person wearing the dress feel or take off … ”

Meg likes to work with pure gold leaf, diamond powder and lapis lazuli pigment. “When I work with gold, I enjoy the shine, the feeling of luxury and pleasure while sitting in the middle of the gold flakes; they fly around me while I’m sticking the gold. I use gold as a background and paint the shadows, so that the gold reflects the light parts of the subject. The gold shines through the paint and in that way I paint light and dark. A painting with gold is magical: the colors light up or become dark, depending on the angle from which you look at the painting, just like the gold: the gold shines or not. It continues to intrigue. The diamond powder gives surprising sparkles in some of my paintings.
And I use real lapis lazuli, because it is such an intense, vibrant blue color. When I paint with that, blue surprises me every time. ”


Meg’s work is included in the core collection of
Musiom Museum, Stadsring 127, Amersfoort.
11 May – 24 November 2019:
Participation Venice Biennale with the project “Personal Structures – Identities” in Palazzo Mora
12 – 19 May 2019: Art Breda with Galerie Pictura
June 1 – September 22: Zonder Haast at Art Gallery Staphorsius in Westzaan
July 7 – September 8, 2019:
“Ins Blaue hinein” Summer exhibition at Art Gallery de Twee Pauwen, The Hague
25 – 29 September 2019:
Fine Art Fair, Groeneveld Castle, Baarn with Galerie de Vreugd and Hendriks