Jack van Iwaarden de Vreede


Jack van Iwaarden de Vreede was born September 10, 1962 in Hazerswoude. After various places of residence, he finally ended up in the green town of Roggel in the municipality of Leudal, located in the middle of Limburg. Here he has the space and tranquility that he needs to shape his ideas into images. For years, making art was a hobby that he practiced alongside a full-time job.

Eventually art started to play such a big role in his life that he made it his profession.

Under the guidance of the highly renowned sculptor Mat Snijder from Venlo, he has expanded his expertise and refined his technique. First he mainly made sculpted artworks. Sculptures made of marble and marble. By experimenting with different materials, he came to the conclusion that by performing his works of art in metals, he could best reflect his feelings.

From now on you will also find the beautiful images of Jack van Iwaarden de Vreede in our gallery. The challenge to create fragile, soft Art from materials that are originally cold, rigid, hard and unpredictable, such as Corten steel, Stainless steel and Bronze. To form the art that he wants to show from within.
Representing dreams that do not deserve to remain dreams.