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Art Gallery Pictura

Gallery for contemporary realism

Hermien Buytendijk

For a long time, the influence of the Catholic South would have had an influence on my drawings and later in my images. The whole environment called for a certain mockery drenched in a blanket of uninhibited dreaminess.

The images of processions through the streets of the Limburg hills and the picturesque carnival with clownish loner figures were beautiful and a breeding ground for fantasy.
After my final exam, at the age of seventeen, I went abroad for a year and took intensive drawing lessons there, including at an art academy. I was encouraged to develop my own way of illustrating on pieces of music, eg by Berlioz. I discovered that the cartoon-like drawings were not one-sided, but rather had a strong own side of me. That my wonderful drawings were not judged as one-sided but as “own” was a valuable discovery. This gave a great sense of freedom, which I still experience as the starting point of life. I would like to learn supporting techniques.
It was only when I was given a small oven as a gift when I was forty that many sculptures of ceramics were created. Within a year I got my first exhibition in Zeist (1990). Light-footedness is a survival mechanism. My statues continued to dance, but many twin statues emerged and often cavities that also express a shape and also testify to lack. The subjects come from my immediate environment.
I became a full-time artist and got many permanent galleries that represented my work at art fairs (such as Haf, Lineart, AFA, Open Art Fair, Affordable, Primavera, Arti, ITAF, Naarden-Vesting). The sculptures grew in size - garden statues were created, but also wall objects and recently small porcelain.