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French Visionary artist

Gérard Di-Maccio is a worldwide known painter with more than four decades of success in the international art world.  He created the Visionary Art Movement back in the early 1980's and has become the reference and leading figure for visionary artists and art collectors all over the world. Di-Maccio has exhibited his works throughout Europe, Asia and the USA in museums, international art events and at prestigious galleries.  He has a following of art collectors from all over the world, including in Japan, where one Japanese art collector initiated the creation of a museum exclusively dedicated to Di-Maccio's paintings. The Di-Maccio Museum opened on August 5th 2010, in Niikappu, Japan.

This unique artist blends together his Italian, Spanish and French heritage to create some of the most unique artwork in the world.  The list of awards and honors for his art is lengthy and impressive, as are his magazine covers, televisions interviews and reports, and distinguished exhibitions.  He is permanently represented by several art galleries and agents throughout France, Europe , USA and Asia.   In brief, following will be illustrated:   * Gérard Di-Maccio has achieved long-term sustained international acclaim for his creative and discerning eye and hand, technical mastery, unorthodox visual techniques, insightful and intuitive artistic images, and rare aesthetic sensibility.      * He has won awards and prestigious honors for his unique art. * There have  been countless museum and gallery exhibitions of his work at prestigious galleries and museums throughout the world, including in Paris,   Tunisia, Japan, London, Stockholm, Los Angeles,  Chicago, Belgium, Geneva, Singapore and many other places.      * He has received the highest accolades from leading experts in the field. * His artwork has made the cover of US (OMNI Magazine), French (Figaro  Magazine), Japanese (Asahi Shinbum) and European publications. *  He has several published books of his art. *  He created the world largest oil painting: 27m x 9m *  His art is collected by leading art collectors around the world *  A museum is created in Japan just to house his artwork. *  He has been interviewed by French, Japanese and European television about his work numerous times.      *  He has become the leading artist in the Visionary Art movement worldwide.         1/  Resume   Gérard Di-Maccio is an extraordinary virtual artist with a distinguished artistic career.  He was born in Algeria when it was still a French colony, back in 1938.  Di-Maccio studied art from the young age of 14. His grand-father was his first admiror and stimulated the young boy by hanging his first painting in his shopwindow.  Di-Maccio’s parents being aware of the passion and talent of their oldest son, decided to quit their work and home to move to Paris.  Several years later, the brilliant future of their son will give the prove that moving was the right choice for the Di-Maccio's in order to allow the young artist to develop his talent.  In Paris, Di-Maccio studied art at the prestigious Académie des Beaux Arts and by the age of 16 he had already begun to establish himself as an exceptional and noteworthy artist.  His initial fame came from the illustrations for children's books edited by France's most famous editors, Castermans, Hachette and Bias. In 1965, he won France's highly competitive examination to become Professeur at the Beaux Arts Academy in Paris on a thesis about Morpho-psychology.  His knowledge of anatomy and architecture is indeniable and the latter will allow him later to create fantastic projects for amazing  architectural sculptures.  Throughout his teaching career, Di-Maccio developed his own artistic style.  His initial exhibitions in Paris earned him First Prize in group shows on numerous occasions.  His first solo exhibitions were in Belgium and later in Paris, where he became a leading artist.  By 1979, the artist decided it was time to dedicate himself exclusively to his creative urge to express himself on canvas. He left his teaching career.   His first exhibit during this period was at the prestigious RA gallery in the historical center of Paris and it was a tremendous success.   Soon after, Di-Maccio was recognized the leading artist in a new artistic movement that he created and that the press baptized « Visionary Art ».  He has remained to present time the leading figure in this movement for other visionary artists and interested art collectors all over the world. His annual exhibitions have consistently been highly acclaimed by the entire French art world, one of the leading international art hubs. The French media have dedicated substantial attention to Di-Maccio's artwork, as has media in the USA, across Europe and throughout Japan.