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Dominique Prins

Dutch artist Dominique Prins-Ciccoli is a sculptor. She was born in 1963 in France and works and lives with her family in the Netherlands.

Background of Dutch artist Dominique Prins-Ciccoli
Dominique is a self-taught artist and art has always been her passion. After many years living in the Netherlands, it was in the year 2000 that she discovered the ideal form of expression for her work. Namely sculptures and bronze statues. Within a relative short period of time she created her own personal style of surrealism.

The central theme of her bronze statues is ‘the woman’. Because the woman is a inexhaustible source of inspiration. Dominique works without a model or a photo, because her bronze statuess are surreal. Therefore she combines opposites like simplicity and exaggeration but also delicacy and robustness. This results in elegant positions in frozen movement. So that is why her statues have natural forms but also a touch of humor.

Dominique is searching out the limits of the aesthetic without compromising her desire for harmony and elegancy. This makes her work of art even more powerful. Her statues are only available in the painting colours black, red and green.

Recognition of skills
Dominique is the winner of the 1st price “Concours de Sculpture de la ville du Lavandou 2010” in France. She also was the winner of the 1st price “Nationale Kunstdagen 2011” in the Netherlands.