Brita Seifert


As a young woman she has experienced every conceivable form of violence. The consequences settle deep under the skin, you can never erase and forget them again. To be positive in life again you need a lot of energy and trust. There are two possibilities to continue living with these gained wounds. They are destroyed, the slow poison penetrates further and further into the pores, all the way to the bone. Or you say “I WANT TO LIVE”. You ask yourself how to proceed and everyone has their own rescue strategy. Her rescue was the art. In this she could speak without words about what had happened to her. Until she decided to collect all those 150 works and throw them in the garbage dump. “Ended, it’s past tense” The wounds were, as it were, dissolved on the linen in ultramarine, cadmium red and black. Then she learned to look to the future, to see the sun shine and to make a big arc when there was shadow coming her way.