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Art Gallery Pictura

Gallery for contemporary realism

Exhibition “Me and my Woman” has been opened by gallery owner Roel van der Veen and his wife Brita in Galerie Pictura in Aijen.

The exhibition explores the question: Does the muse still exist? Not as Zeus’ daughter, but a muse from flesh and blood?
 Anton Heyboer had several, Botticelli one and Picasso probably had all of them. 
Most (male) artists have their own muse, which inspires them and is often represented in his art. But what about women? 
Which muse is kissing them? We try to answer that question with our recent exhibition. 
Roel van der Veen found it very special to feel surrounded by 75 women on that day, the muses of many artists. 
11 artists who represent such different women are truly something very special. 
We are proud to represent the collection of well-known names such as: 
Brita Seifert, Erik Tierolf, Liseth Visser, Marissa Oosterlee, Peter van den Borne, Robert Munning, Valery Shishkin, Walter Brems 
and sculptures by Dominique Prins, Hermien Buytendijk and Romee Kanis. 

This exhibition can be seen on Tuesday to Saturday between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. or by appointment.