Our artists strive for the most accurate representation of reality bordering on technical perfection and reflecting the way of the old masters.
Often the subjects come from daily life and they are presented apparently unpretentiously.
Yet it is not an imitation, although trompe l'oeil is not feared. It is an almost obsessive compulsion that the artists move reality in a completely unique way.

Silence... a Still Life.

On Sunday, 27 October, opened Roel van der Veen in Aijen (Limburg/Netherlands) the new group exhibition at Galerie Pictura with the theme "Silence... a still life".

Artists with great names, such as Anneke Elhorst, Brita Seifert, Guy De Jaegher, Hub Pollen, Jan Kootstra, Jan Teunissen, Mark van Crombrugge, Lorena Kloosterboer, George Schriemer and Valery Shishkin. Sculptures by Romee Kanis, Hermien Buytendijk, Jack van Iwaarden and Willi Kissmer.

All of them artists with a great reputation and with exhibitions around the world at renowned galleries.

Their objects and scenes are meticulously detailed to create the illusion of a reality not seen in the original photo.
The fights they have to come to their creations sometimes last for months per painting. Most of these artists are working every day with a compulsive discipline, from early in the morning until late at night.

Sometimes they lock themselves up in their studio for months, until the artwork can be shown to the outside world.

Then we see fruit, glass, eggs, vegetables or other attributes spreaded on a wooden table, on a veil or a beautiful marble floor. Shapes, forms and areas closest to the forefront of the image visually appear beyond the frontal plane of the canvas. The light shines sometimes diffused over the scene, or hard and sunny with strong contrasting colors.

You look at the still lifes and you fall silent. For a moment .... a Still life.

To be seen until Feb.  22 2020